Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Training: Week 1

Training has commenced!  I began on Monday morning with a 4 mile walk to begin breaking in my boots.  2 miles in, I developed some minor blisters, so I decided to stop after 4 miles, take care of the blisters and try to get out again after work.  I managed to get 2 miles in while at work, but could't go out afterwards because of darkness.  Today was much better.  I got a couple of miles in while I was searching the grounds for my work issued phone that has mysteriously vanished, and then got 3 more in after work.  I'm not up to that 10-15/day mark yet, but I'm definitely making progress and the boots are not irritating my feet too much anymore.  Tomorrow, I'm going to push it a bit and try to get 8 miles in, in the morning.